Someone recently shared with me a certain video clip on Facebook that was taken from a reality TV series “Scare Tactics.” This person has a little over 200 friends, yet the video was commented on and shared a repeated amount of times. It’s almost safe to say that this video on Facebook went viral.

A quick comparison with the video’s YouTube counterpart shows, at the time of this posting, 1,185,051 views. The first time this video was actually referenced on Facebook was on November 18, 2009, with males in the 35-44 age range viewing this video the most. That’s real data, and is indicative of how viral the clip has spread on YouTube.

But the question remains is, how many “views” did that video have on Facebook? Granted, with certain privacy settings, it’s difficult to give out exact comments as well as every single person that viewed the video. But at least show us some collected numbers the way Youtube has done it.

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