In a recent article ( written by Kevin Gibbons of “Search Engine Watch,” Mr. Gibbons writes that at a recent SES London event, a debate took place as to which of the two was better. He adds that, at the end of the day, it really depends on both the customer and the worker.

In terms of the worker, there are generally two types: those that are more creative-thinking, and those that are more analytical. If one is more creative-minded, that person will invariably enjoy organic search. Organic SEO involves not only finding the keywords that are most-searched, but also creatively writing a SEO-styled page for that term, and then meta-tag writing a concise abstract of that page, as well as having a relevant title on top of the page.

For the more analytical-minded, PPC is the more popular choice since it involves managing campaigns, making sure that certain search terms align with proper ads. As well, setting up geo-targets and default click bids, fitting into the client’s monthly budget, and custom URL strings are more technical and analytical in nature.

From the client’s perspective, it also depends. If that client is looking for “instant gratification,” having a campaign activated like “flicking on a switch” produces more instant results. Clients have more relevant clicks faster, more instant sales, and are therefore happy. Being that we live in a society where instant gratification is desired and long-term results/relationships are becoming a rarity, this usually is the case, and more Internet Marketing agencies than not will tell you that more clients prefer to start off with PPC for that very reason, with organic SEO slowly being worked on.

If the client is looking for more long-term results, results that will last beyond the relationship with an SEO company, organic SEO is the preferable choice. No “flick of the switch” will turn a site off and one can be pleased with the results for many moons  afterward.

Personally, it is this writer’s behavior to initially look at the organic search results if I am looking for an answer to a question. When I search for a product or service, though, I look at both areas. I recognize that while the organic listings are excellent for providing resource information, the Sponsored Link ads on the search results page are made by people that are looking to make money from their product or service. Therefore, these websites are more targeted to purchasing a product or service. There is no question that both SEO and PPC have their own individual value.

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