After weeks or even months into an SEO campaign, many bloggers and companies ask “Why are we not on 1 for SEO?” It’s an excellent and pertinent question because the main objective of an SEO campaign is not to rank your site on the second or third page of a major search engine. The primary purpose of investing in an SEO campaign is to rank your website on page 1 for the optimization of your phrase or keyword of choice. The higher you are on Google and Yahoo/Bing search engines, the more web traffic you will receive. It’s that first natural position on Google and other major search engines that is considered the Holy Grail for businesses today.

“Why are we not on Page 1 for SEO?” is the First Step

To be in the top position on Google, generally reaps 3.5 times the clicks and visitors as the second position according to AOL search data leaked a few years back. To be in the top 20, top 10 or top 5 is NOT a failure, it just means that there is a lot more work to do. Remember that your main focus should be to reach the first position in the major search engines. Don’t get it wrong; asking “Why are we not on page 1 for SEO?” should be the first step to improve your website’s rankings. The key is to set the bar as high as possible. Number one not just page one.
An important final point is to make sure you have given the SEO components that are being placed on your website the proper time to achieve their results. People ask “why are we not on page 1 for SEO” mainly because they haven’t given enough time for the SEO work to take effect.

4 Tips to Stop Asking “Why are we not on Page 1 for SEO?”

  • Try to create creative and unique new pages of content every week.
  • Link to quality relevant sites. After doing so, ask those sites to link back to your website.
  • Follow standard website design tips and avoid SEO problems. Your site should be not only attractive, but user friendly and easy to navigate as well.
  • Most importantly, purge your mind of trying to think of ways you can “trick” your way to the top of the results. Do NOT think about the specific nuts and bolts of how a search engine will rank your pages. Instead, build good, quality pages for your visitors, make sure they are uploaded and meta tagged properly and trust that the rankings will follow.
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