Why Hire a Social Media Marketing Company

Why Hire a Social Media Marketing Company

Just about every business has a place on the social world. Whether it’s a restaurant/takeout business on Facebook and Pinterest or a night spot on Twitter – there’s room for everyone. Handling social marketing to promote those businesses on that platform is a whole different ball game.  Most business owners try and slack off because they simply don’t have enough time for it. Some just have no clue where to start. That’s why I often get asked this question a lot, “Why should I hire someone to handle my social marketing and where should I look?”

In order to stay afloat in today’s ultra-competitive world, you need to have someone who is experienced at handling your social media marketing campaigns. Things change fast and it’s often very difficult for business owners to keep up with those changes. That’s why we recommend you hire a social media marketing expert for the following 4 reasons:

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  1. They understand your analytics:

Are you familiar with words like virility, reach, RTs, click-throughs and +1s, to name a few? Your social media specialist is and they will analyze every number and graph to make sure you’re getting the best ROI on social media.

  1. They have experience:

If your company has limited resources and is hiring just one person to manage it all, at a minimum you need to hire someone with strong skills and experience in the field. There simply has to be a portfolio of work that you can review. Otherwise, how can you judge an individual’s ability to represent your company in the social and online marketing realms?

  1. They are versatile in their marketing approaches:

Good social media marketers have an understanding of classic marketing in general, the buying cycle, the media mix, and how brand equity is developed. Social media marketing is just another channel in the media mix.

  1. They know how to target the right people using affordable Social Media Ads:

Creating engagement using social media ads requires skills and meticulousness. If you aren’t able to target the right audience, you may not be able to gain maximum exposure. Every engagement that comes from a social media ad costs money. Social Media Marketing companies help you invest your money where it’s needed most without wasting a penny.


About iRISEmedia:

iRISEmedia.com is a web design, social media marketing, and search engine marketing (SEM) firm in Toronto, Canada. Our team helps clients increase their reach and profitability by developing and implementing customized and targeted online and social media marketing strategies. We service clients in Toronto, Ontario, the GTA and throughout Canada as well as globally.

The relationship you establish with your chosen social media company should be a long-term one for no less than one year. So make sure you work with one that you trust and feel comfortable working with. We hope these tips help you understand why you might want to hire outside Social Media experts and in your selection process to maximize a positive outcome.

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