main_imageIt has been a while since social media has been around. More and more people have  social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn and so on. Social media, in a sense, has created a new world. Facebook, for example, has about 700 million active users, which means if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest country in the world.  So  why are people jumping into this social media world? The bottom line is that humans are a social species and they want ‘social’ connections with others.

People want to belong to a community where they can communicate with others. They can express their opinion as well as get a lot of information there. Many companies use social media as an internet marketing tool, but only a few of them seem to be using it efficiently. What social media enables companies to do, is not only to reach potential clients much easier than other channels, but to also observe clients’ reactions to what they are doing. This is what most of companies think about when they consider social media as a tool of their business. However, this is just from a companies’ view point. What do people want when they connect to companies by way of social media? They can get the latest information about that company or industry. They can express their opinions about that company. However, how many companies efficiently gear their social media channel to serve these purposes? To use Social media Marketing efficiently this is what companies should think over when commencing a social media marketing campaign.

It is difficult to measure the efficiency of TV advertising, radio or print advertising. What makes Social Media marketing so attractive is the measurability aspect. Companies can easily observe the efficiency based upon concrete metrics and data i.e. the number of followers, retweets or mentions on Twitter etc. To take advantage of social media, think about why you use social media in your business. Every action taken should be done with a plan and with a reason.

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