Why We Really Have International Men’s Day

Why We Really Have International Men’s Day

November 19, 2014 happens to be International Men’s Day.

According to the organization’s website, International Men’s Day is, “…an occasion for men to celebrate their achievements and contributions, in particular their contributions to community, family, marriage, and child care while highlighting the discrimination against them.”

International Men’s Day is not the same thing as International Women’s Day. Men are not celebrating this day because they are able to study in universities in their country of residency without fear of vengeance. Men do not celebrate their rights to pursue their dream jobs without the fear of prejudice and harassment. Men have had these rights for centuries.

What International Men’s Day is about is awareness of the health and lifestyle issues that many men face around the world. We live in a world where men are more likely to commit suicide than women. We also live in a world where two in five victims of domestic abuse are men. According to ManKind, 72,000 men were victims of abuse (where) in the last year and were twice more likely not to tell anyone than women.


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7 Interesting Tweets about International Men’s Day

1. BabyCentre UK‏@babycentreuk
5 things dads can do during pregnancy http://ow.ly/D6v1N #babycentreblog #InternationalMensDay

2. Catherine Wilkins‏@Catiewilkins
Seriously tho, I love men. Especially the ones that shut up and make me a sandwich! #amiright #internationalmensday

3. ROFL UPWallah‏@UPWallah
In Middle School The Biggest Punishment We Used To Get Was Being Told To Sit B/w 2 Girls.Now Of Course It’s An Honor. #InternationalMensDay

4.  will brooker ‏@willbrooker
Women earn 80% of my salary so I’ve donated it to @RapeCrisisEandW this week to mark #InternationalMensDay

5. Optus‏@Optus
We can’t decide on our dream guy. Who’s yours? #InternationalMensDay #ShowMenSomeLove

6. Sue Veneer @sueveneer
I will celebrate #InternationalMensDay when they stop raping, killing, abusing, starting wars & taking up all the space on public transport

7. Catherine Wilkins @Catiewilkins
Why did the man cross the road? Because another man just crossed the road, and they’re really competitive #amiright #internationalmensday

On this International Men’s Day, don’t take it for granted or think it’s something silly; think about the men in our lives who face real, challenging issues every day of their lives and feel they should suffer in silence. They could be your fathers, brothers, colleagues and best friends, and they also need your support. Every little bit helps.


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