Will PPC Get Me More Traffic? Short answer: definitely yes. PPC advertising is a method that many search engine marketing companies like to use in order to drive traffic to a specific website. PPC uses bidding on specific search terms (or keywords) that people might type into a search engine in order to find certain information. Winning PPC bids, which translate into high-ranking text ads on the search engine, provide excellent exposure for the website. However a PPC campaign, which brings you truckloads of traffic, is only valuable if you can convert that traffic into sales. So Will PPC get me more traffic? Yes of course, but if you want to turn traffic into money, you must invest in a qualified PPC campaign, to bring qualified traffic.

Will PPC Get Me More Traffic and How Does It Work

How will PPC get me more traffic? When you search for a product, “cheap notebooks”, for example, you’ll probably find a PPC ad that looks promising. You click on the link, only to be taken to the home page, and then it’s sprinkled with flashy affiliate links and Google AdSense ads, but makes no mention of cheap notebooks? You immediately click off the web page and the bloke who put the PPC ad up just lost himself another $0.55c (or whatever he or she paid for the click) and a potential paying customer. When you create a pay per click campaign, you can send your customer exactly where you want them to go, and that’s exactly what you should be doing. In this case, your landing page should be focused on “cheap notebooks” and ONLY on “cheap notebooks”. If your PPC ad is about “cheap notebooks”, your landing page should also be about “cheap notebooks”. If your customer can find what they’re looking for on your landing page, they’ll stick around. And if your ultimate aim is to direct your customer to a top-of-the-range notebook, creating a separate ad campaign with appropriate keywords and a specific landing page for that campaign is important.

Basic PPC Tips For You to Get More Traffic

The page your visitor lands on must be a logical and sensible continuation of what you are offering in your PPC ad. If you have a product to sell, a free report to give away or a video tutorial you’re offering, it should be front and center on your landing page. Deliver the product immediately you’ve got what you want – it’s a win/win situation for both of you. Your visitor gets his or her product, video or report and you get their email address. You then have the opportunity to gradually coax them into purchasing your product or service with a series of friendly, supportive, sales-oriented emails that draw them gradually towards your ultimate goal – the sale. Pay per click ad campaigns can bring you lots of valuable, targeted traffic, but it’s only valuable if you can convert that traffic to sales or leads. And the key to converting leads to sales is all in the page you send your visitor to. Make it worth their while to have your visitor hang around.

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