Google Penguin - SEO KillerMarissa Mayer’s recent appointment at the helm of Yahoo! shocked even the biggest sceptics. At 37 years old, this has made her the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Not too long before that, Google came out with it’s killer addition to it’s Search algorithm called Penguin. Penguin has more or less redefined what was involved in SEO in terms of linking. Now, not only does a web page need high-quality links, but it needs high-quality links from a lot of diverse sources. Concentrating on one or multiple of the same exact sources, as well as having “too similar” content, tells Google to devalue certain pages, and in some cases can get one deranked from certain search results.

For an SEO, trying to get re-ranked by Google is frustrating as it involves, in some cases, link-building from scratch. In some ways this was a shrewd move by Google not only because they are good guys and want to make the Internet a fairer place, but also because more people will now revert back to using Adwords to get ranked for those terms while re-building links, translating into more money for Google.

What Marissa Mayer Means for Yahoo and Search Engine Optimization

So, where does Marissa Mayer come in? Who is she? Well, Ms. Mayer was one of the original employees at Google, as employee #20, when the dot-com bubble was about to burst. She took a lot of risks to be where she’s at and was known to project-manage some of Google’s most well-known products, including Google images, books and products search, toolbar, iGoogle, Google News, and Gmail, and created much of the “look and feel” of the Google user experience. Her crowning achievement was in maintaining the simplistic “look” of Google’s main page despite the numerous additions to it over the years.

Marissa Mayer has been known to come up with innovative products and solutions, and can change “the face” of an organization. While she’s the sixth Yahoo! CEO in five years attempting to do so, chances are she will be the strongest candidate to succeed in bringing Yahoo! back to it’s former glory.

Perhaps in the next couple of years Internet Marketers won’t need to figure out how to out-evil the “do-no-evil” Google, as Yahoo might once again become the platform to advertise on.

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