Social Media has affected world events in that one can get a feel of how it affects many. A major recent news topic has been The World Cup of Soccer. This is a noteworthy topic in that not only does sports have a major impact on societal behaviour, but this is one of the events that brings the whole world together more than any other.

Facebook has been known to have over 450 million registered users. As of this writing, Facebook, for the search term “world cup,” has yielded 8,600 fan pages. The most popular pages were, in order:

world cup on espn – 209,533 fans
Support Australia’s 2018/2022 Official FIFA World Cup Bid – 145,279 fans
England 2018 Official World Cup bid – 119,434 fans
2010 world cup – 115,186 fans
SUPPORT ENGLAND IN WORLD CUP 2010!! – 108,015 fans

This is staggering as most Facebook pages alone don’t even have 1,000 fans.

On Twitter, the search term “worldcup” has yielded numerous results, with the term “Germany captain Michael #Ballack has been ruled out of the FIFA World Cup” being retweeted over 100 times.

However, what most caught our attention and intriguingly emphasizes our point made above was that a video “tweeted” on Twitter has shown how the World Cup virtually connects the entire world. All it’s cultures, social and economic backgrounds, etc. It is no surprise that this video has since generated over seven million viewers in the past few days. Here it is:

These are good indicators of the power and influence that Social Media has in major world events today.

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