A new study by VentureBeat.com has shown that when it comes to paid advertising on social platforms, YouTube is taking home the bacon. According to this report, it is one of the leading platforms for introducing new products and helping consumers make their purchasing decisions. The survey analyzed the data from 500 million clicks and 15 million conversions in the first quarter of 2014.

There are many different touch points within an online purchase where social platforms have an impact.

An introduction to a product/service via social media is considered the ‘first’ stage of the purchasing decision. The ‘middle’ part of the buying cycle is often done through retargeting ads or display networks to drive consumers back to the product/service they were initially interested in.

In the ‘last stage, consumers will do a search of the product/service they’ve been introduced to in the first stage or that they’ve researched or been re-exposed to in the middle stage. It’s important to note that consumers don’t follow this path in a linear fashion — purchases are made at all stages of the process.


Tips for Making Sales with Paid Ads on YouTube:
1. Keep it Short- No one likes to watch ads. While this is true of TV, it’s even more so on the internet.
2. Target the right audience – However amazing your video is, unless the right people are seeing it conversions will not happen.
3. Integrate with your website & other social media channels – Your website is usually the place where you want your video viewers to end up, if not your retail stores.
4. Make the first 5 seconds count – users can skip your ad after 5 seconds so you’ve got to hook them and convince them to stay…quickly and creatively.
5. Use a catchy call to action that will get your viewers’ attention.
6. Strategic Keyword Placement – Place 3 keywords within the first two hundred characters of the text, and that includes spaces. The description should be 200-300

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