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Content Marketing

Content is KING! Our content marketing strategists create unique, high quality content for your websites, email blasts, infographics, eBooks, video shares and more.

Consumers are being barraged with advertisements these days. As a result, their attention has become a rare resource. The best way to capture their attention is by providing the consumer with the relevant and helpful content they are searching for. In other words, your content should not be considered interruptive when it reaches your target audience.

This is where content marketing comes into play. Content marketing is the creation and distribution of content which is valuable, relevant and consistent. This strategic approach is meant to attract and retain a clear-cut target audience. Due to the added value it delivers to your potential buyers, content marketing has proven to be six times more effective than traditional marketing.

Over the past couple of years, the content consumption has shifted from desktop to mobile devices. Smartphones will represent 50% of all global devices by 2020. From 2018 onwards, it is estimated that 75% of Facebook users will access the social network using a mobile device. Quality and mobile optimized content is therefore vital to succeed in your content marketing strategy.

At iRISEmedia we know how to create engaging and relevant content on a consistent basis. We take a look at which platforms suit your brand the best. For each platform, we deliver custom tailored and personalized content for your brand. This can vary from blog articles to images to animated video content. At iRISEmedia we create content that people love!

We Provide

Content Creation

Content Creation

At iRISEmedia we create content that suits your strategy the best. Think of text, images and animated video content.

Content Planning and Distribution

Content Planning and Distribution

Posting on a consistent basis is at the core of content marketing. We create a planning that indicates which content will be published on which platform. The content can be distributed either manually or automatically using automation tools.

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

We pay close attention to the distribution and engagement metrics coming from your content. This data will be used to constantly improve your content marketing strategy in order to generate more qualified leads.

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