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Influencer Marketing

Let us connect your brand to top influencers in your industry and gain exposure and credibility for your business!

The past couple of years we have witnessed a rise in the popularity of influencer marketing. The search term “influencer marketing” has risen by 400% on Google over the last two years. Influencer marketing has become an essential part of the marketing budgets from both big and small companies.

According to a Nielsen survey, “recommendations from friends or family” is the most trusted source of information when making a purchase decision. The second most trusted sources of information are company websites, reviews from other consumers and editorial articles. These days’ customers rely on what other people say about a product to seek proof of assurance or quality and good experience.

Not only do big global brands benefit from influencer marketing, but start-ups and new businesses can build the credibility of their brand as well. At iRISEmedia, we use third party technology to find the primary influencers in your industry to align with your brand. This results in great content, credibility and improved exposure for your brand!

We Provide

Continuous Influencer Monitoring

Continuous Influencer Monitoring

We use third party technologies to monitor what influencers are saying about your brand on social media.

Continuous Competition Monitoring

Continuous Competition Monitoring

We use third party technologies to monitor what influencers are saying about your competitors on social media.

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

We provide reports comparing the performance between influencers. Furthermore we keep track of relevant KPI`s like impressions, clicks and so on.

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